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Slocomb 500 Series

1. HeavyWalled Construction: 0.080”thick walls
2. FusionWelded Frame and Sash: The utmost in strength and integrity
3. Night Vent Latch: Allows for ventilation with security
4. Dual Tilt In Sashes: Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning
5. Interlocking Meeting Rail: Integral interlock provides additional security.
6. Rigid Thermal Reinforcement: Innovative, superior, energy-efficient alternative to aluminum reinforcement.
7. Stainless Steel Constant Force Balance: Trouble free, maintenance free. Provides smooth operation
8. Duralite®Warm Edge Spacer System: Maximizes window performance and longevity.
9. Clean Interior Millwork Appearance: With equal sight lines of the sashes and no unsightly thumb buttons
10. Positive Sloped Sill: Provides water runoff, even in driving rain

Plus these additional features:

11. Optional UltraFlect R5-dual Low E insulated glass unit with optimal air space improves year-round performance.
12. Fiberglass Insulation: In frame and sash for maximum energy savings and efficiency
13. Deeply Pocketed Head: With weather stripping to resist air infiltration
14. Dual Tech Lock System: The lock activates the tilt latch and is hidden from the outside of the home.
15. Three Layers ofWeather Stripping: With double mylar fins for resistance tonair and water infiltration.
16. Fully welded double wall interior dam leg: with fin-seal weather-stripping for improved strength and optimal air and water performance.
17. Storm Interlock: Integral sill and meeting rail lock and prevents sash from bowing under structural stress.